CO2 & Fiber Laser Engraving Services, Industrial Engraving & Waterjet Cutting

Quality TRADE  BASED engraving service at an affordable price

At Lasergrave Solutions, we pride ourselves on fast and reliable service across many industries including mining, electrical, construction, automotive, marine and other general engraving needs. With the combined technology of our CO2, fiber laser and rotary mill engraving machines, we can just about engrave on any type of material including metals, plastics, textiles, timber and acrylics. At Lasergrave Solutions, we also offer a complete tradesman tool engraving service to provide a hard wearing form of identification for tools being used on work sites.

Additionally, our CNC engraving mill gives us the ability to rotary engrave on harder materials like stainless steel, brass and aluminium for a deep, long lasting finish in heavy duty applications such as mining and road way engraving situations just to name a couple.

Lasergrave Solutions engages highly skilled laser operators to ensure the quality of the products we produce are of the highest level possible. We also source the best quality outdoor and indoor layered plastic (traffolyte) materials and adhesives to ensure maximum life for their intended use. What sets Lasergrave Solutions apart from the rest is the ability to combine your engraving needs with any required metal fabrication work. This is possible for our clients as we have own in-house sheet metal fabricators and fabricating equipment.

Whether its a single engraved electrical switch plate / label or 10,000 plus items, contact us for a free quote today!

Big News @ Lasergrave Solutions!!!

Lasergrave Solutions are proud to announce the arrival of our CNC rotary mill engraving machine. We now have the ability to engrave metals such as stainless steel, brass and aluminium with a heavy duty industrial finish for use in the harshest of environments.

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Project photo gallery

Engraving works completed for our customers include...

  • Safety signs and labels
  • Warning labels
  • Clipsal & similar brand switch plates
  • Data plates
  • Control panels
  • Name plates
  • Marine plaques
  • OH&S signs
  • Door signs
  • Mailbox and entry numbers
  • Construction signage
  • Building signage


  • Cable ID labels
  • Acrylic Signs
  • Stainless steel plaques
  • Number strips
  • Switchboard engraving
  • Caravan labels
  • Industrial engraving
  • Plumbing signs
  • Trolley signage
  • Award plaques
  • Mining signage
  • Plus much more...