Air Conditioning and HVAC label specialists...

Lasergrave Solutions has a large customer base of air-conditioning and HVAC contractors that choose us to complete their engraving needs on a daily basis.

Whether it be wall plates, warning labels, or equipment labels, we have the industry knowledge and experience to complete custom works to match customer requirements and exceed  expectations.

All engraved plastic labels supplied by Lasergrave Solutions are UV stabilised and rated for external use in situations like labelling of external HVAC equipment and other outdoor situations. We have many colour options available for labelling as well as other thickness besides our regular 1.6mm material, which is the most frequently used.

At Lasergrave Solutions, we don't just engrave labels, we can also laser cut mounting holes or similar to suit the requirements of defence, mining or government work when it comes to their specific requirements of using mechanical fixings.

Lasergrave Solutions also offers quality, 3M brand, self-adhesive which provides 100% coverage to the rear of our labels at no additional cost. Many competitors only offer strips of self-adhesive to the rear of their labels which often falls short of full coverage meaning adhesion is not optimal.

Although we are Brisbane based, we also offer engraving services Australia wide via delivery networks and orders are often express shipped (additional cost) upon completion. Customer pick up is also always welcome for Brisbane based clients.

For more information or any questions regarding our air conditioning and HVAC engraving services, please contact us to discuss your project needs.