Our engraving machines & what we do...

At Lasergrave Solutions, we have identified the need for more industry based engraving solutions. Our clients include everything from electrical and data contractors to mining and even marine / caravan industry safety needs. Cutting of material is limited to a maximum thickness of 8mm for acrylic & MDF and 3.2mm for layered plastics. Cutting of card stock, leather, cardboard & paper is also possible with our equipment.

An important aspect of what we do that needs to be considered is that our machines require the engraved surface to be relatively flat due to the need to maintain laser beam focus and tool touch distance. For more information on this, feel free to contact us.

Epilog CO2 Laser

Our Epilog Fusion M2 has a maximum job size bed of 1015mm x 710mm. This machine is a CO2 laser and is capable of engraving on a range of materials including layered plastics (traffolyte), wood, acrylic, leather, glass, marble, granite and even some textiles. Our Fusion M2 is also capable of doing a black stainless steel etch which is most suited to indoor applications. With a maximum job height of 310mm we can fit larger jobs into the machine if required.

We also have a smaller Epilog C02 "Mini" laser which has a bed size of 605mm x 305mm for our overflow and smaller, more precise jobs that we may be required. 

Our Fusion M2 machine is our work horse when it comes to laser engraved traffolyte / layered plastic materials. With a highly accurate laser beam, this machine is capable of incredibly fine engraving where required. Combine this with a large range of colour combinations from various suppliers, we are able to meet the needs of our customers. To see just a portion of the colours available, please click on the link below to view a sample of our colour charts.

Our clients also have the choice of having their labels supplied with or without our premium 3M self adhesive backing. This is applied to our sheets prior to engraved label creation and is a leading brand in material adhesion technology.

At Lasergrave Solutions, we also offer another alternative when it comes to lasering stainless steel.

Using our CO2 machine, we can apply Marksolid or Cermark engraving compound on to stainless steel which reacts with our laser to produce a deep black "mark" as the industry refer to it as.

Technically, this process puts a microscopic layer on top of the stainless steel which is essentially baked through chemical reaction between the laser and the compound. 

The results are beautiful and represents an example of the highest contrast finish we can achieve on stainless steel.

As beautiful as this finish is, it is not suitable for every application. We would not recommend this finish for continued outdoor use or in areas subject to high chemical contact, however, for general indoor or covered use, we cannot recommend it highly enough. Although we don't recommend for outdoor use, plenty of customers choose to use it for this application regardless.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and want to discuss this finish in more detail or request a small sample to see this finish for yourself.

Epilog Fiber Laser

Another addition to our line up is our FiberMark laser. This machine specialises in engraving of materials that our C02 machines cannot do such as switch plates and electrical accessories that are typically made from PVC. This material requires the use of a FiberMark laser to safely engrave and prevent the release of harmful gasses.

With a maximum job size of 605mm x 305mm to sit in our machine, we can produce a large amount of industrial engraving tags at once if required.

Using the FiberMark technology, we can perform etching of many metals however the best results are had with stainless steel which offers the best contrast.

Laser etching involves the physical removal of material to create a slight recess. It is a permanent, long lasting finish and is best suited for harsh environments. Many customers require this finish on items such as outdoor marker plates, compliance plates or ID tags. Due to materiel being removed and the surface not being left completely smooth where the etching is, this style of engraving may not be suited to medical or health industries.

From electrical switch plates to machinery plates and even cable identification labels, our FiberMark laser will create a premium quality, permanent solution to suit your needs.

Vision Engraving Systems CNC Rotary Mill

Our Vision mill is one of our newer CNC engraving machines and utilizes technology that was at the forefront before the inception of laser engravers. With a bed size of 600mm wide by 400mm tall, this machine has the ability to rotary engrave small components that may require a milled style finish or a deep than usual finish in preparation for colour filling. Please contact us in regards to any paint filling requirements to discuss your needs.

Our Vision mill has the ability to engrave single stroke character fonts up to approximately 4mm thick. This can be carried out most metals including stainless steel, aluminium and brass.

Although our laser engraving machines complete the majority of the work that passes through the Lasergrave Solutions door, there still some tasks required by our clients that are best left for the unique abilities of our rotary engraver.

The major benefit to using the rotary mill for engraving is that they are more resilient in high wear and hash environments compared to using a laser etch finish. For this reason is why sectors such as mining and electrical opt for this method for certain applications.

The biggest down side to this engraving is that it is a slow process due to the hardness of the material and set up required. This makes is a process that its at the top end of the engraving budget scale how every it will out last any other form of engraving.