Frequently asked questions...

We understand that you may have lots of questions about our services and what we can do, so we have put together a list of frequently asked questions. If what you need to know has not been answered below, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specificrequirements.

Engraving FAQ's

What is the biggest label you can make?

Our biggest machine has a 1000mm x 600mm bed size which allows us to complete large signage if required.

Can we provide double sided tape on our labels?

We certainly can, but only on our engravable plastics. We purchase these sheets with pre-applied, 3M brand self-adhesive. We need to know when you require double sided tape at the ordering stage of your project so we can allocate the correct sheet. Double sided tape is provided as a “no cost” extra if you require it.

Are our plastic labels rated for ourdoor use?

Absolutely, 99% of our plastic is purpose made for outdoor applications. We have been selling marine labels for many years now and have had no returns to date for sun/UV damage. Some of our decorative plastics are rated for indoor use only but we will make you aware of this during ordering.

Do you warrant Cermark/Marksold Co2 laser engraving finishes for outdoor use?

No, this style of laser engraving is best for sheltered environments. Fiber laser engraving is more suited for outdoor applications.

Are your plastics matte or gloss?

Most are matte, however some limited colours are available in gloss upon request. Please be aware gloss finishes show scratches very easily.

Do you do traffolyte engraving?

Yes, traffolyte is just another name for the engravable layered plastics. They are the plastics we engrave every day of the week.

How good is the 3M self-adhesive?

3M products are global market leaders in many products that they offer. So far, we cannot find a better product.

How strong is your self-adhesive?

Bond strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive to surface contact developed. Firm application pressure develops better adhesive contact & thus improves bond strength. To obtain optimum adhesion, the bonding surfaces must be clean dry and well unified. A typical surface cleaning solvent is isopropyl alcohol & water. Use proper safety precautions for handling solvents. Ideal label application temperature range is 21°C to 38°. Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 10°C (50°F) is not recommended because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily. However once properly applied low temperature holding is generally satisfactory.

How thick are your plastics and what colours are available?

Our standard thickness is 1.6mm and this is the thickness that the most colours and finishes are available in. Other thicknesses range from 0.1mm to 3.2mm however colour choice is limited in some of these sizes. Our standard colours are shown here. There are many other colours and combinations available through our suppliers so please contact us if you cannot find what you need. We have even imported custom colour combinations from the USA in the past for some customers.

Are you a JLL approved contractor?

Yes, through are sister company AJC Metal Products we are.

What is your work turn around time?

Generally we run at 2-3 days for medium size orders. Larger orders can be around 1 week lead time. If you have something urgent and it is not too big, we can often push this through as a matter of urgency.

Do you stock everything in your online store?

Generally yes, in small quantities. If we don’t, it won’t take us long to make more.

I need a metal backing or bracket to support my new sign, can you do this?

Absolutely, we actually have a full metal fabrication work shop with a team of qualified sheet metal workers in our 1500 square metre under roof work shop facility which can cater for any fabrication needs.

Can I pick up after ordering from your online store?

Definitely, during checkout you will be asked for a collection time just so we can have your order ready for you.

Does your online store hold my credit card details?

No, all online transactions are completed via PayPal which is an outside third party to us. Paypal is well known for being a method of safe and secure online payment.

Can you cut mounting/screw holes for me?

Yes we can, in fact we can cut as many as you like and cut your plastic label into whatever shape you require.

Can I get a sample piece of your in stock engraving material?

No problem, give us a call and we can post out a sample square to you.

Can you engrave electrical switch plates?

Yes we can, in fact we have a very strong electrical background with qualified electricians also on staff. We speak great electrical language and are very aware of different circuit breaker sizing for number strips, push button hole sizes and other electrical requirements. Switch mechanism engraving is also possible.

What metals can you engrave on?

Just about all of them! We do have some limitations around size and shape so best contact us to discuss.

What industries do you provide to?

Many! Automotive, marine, plumbing, electrical, construction, plus much more!

Can you engrave on glass?

Yes we can! We can now even do wine bottles and glasses. Once again, some restrictions apply to this process.

Can you engrave on an object that is not flat?

Generally not, our engravers rely on a fixed focal length so material must be flat. Cylinder or conical shaped objects can be engravable as long as they fit in our rotary attachment.

Can you engrave and cut timber?

We can engrave timber and cut most timbers up to 8mm thick but conditions and limitations also apply to this.

Waterjet Cutting FAQ's

What is the size of you water cutting table?

Our table is 4.0m x 2.0m with an effective cutting area of slightly less .

More FAQ's coming soon.